We are a collection of people and ideas. We create designs that are centered around the people and communities we work with. We look at spaces holistically to create a place that feels inviting, intimate and personalized.


“We make bold moves. We’re not afraid to try something new even if we haven’t quite figured out how it will come together. We start with the big idea first and disassemble it.” - Liz Guerrero

Assembly l CannonDesign crafts custom spaces and provides services in Brand and Graphic Design, Consulting, Environmental Design, Interior Design, Marketing, Signage and Wayfinding, and Workplace Strategy. Assembly Design Studio joined with the global design firm, CannonDesign, to push the boundaries of workplace design to new levels. With a dedicated team who deliver innovative, highly-tailored design and support from an established firm with a proven track record on delivery and execution, the partnership provides clients with creative leading-edge solutions to help their businesses thrive.

We are driven by our innate curiosity to understand our clients and community and to translate their DNA into bold, clever designs. We do it by having a scrappy, resilient, anything-is-possible attitude and by thinking beyond scale to uncover unique, creative solutions, even if doing so makes us uncomfortable. We love the big idea, but even more we love understanding the craftsmanship and details that bring a project to life. We scrutinize every angle from both the outside-in and inside-out so that each space is designed as a whole, intentional and centered specifically for the people and communities who experience it.

“Interior Design and Architecture above any other creative profession requires a team. It’s also an industry where the myth of that lone architect genius still pervades.”, says Denise Cherry. “The reason why we picked the name ‘Assembly’ is that it’s a collection of people and ideas. It’s not about one individual or two individuals. It’s about the entire collective group.”

Denise Cherry was the Principal at Studio O+A. Under her leadership, the company transformed from 10 to 70 employees. Denise provided design direction on every project O+A undertook and was the primary editorial voice that guided the team in their day-to-day operations. Denise has been named Curbed’s Young Gun and is an honoree for the Northern California Real Estate Women of Influence.

Liz Guerrero joined O+A in 2010. As the Design Studio Manager, her approach to craftsmanship and details helped define the company’s aesthetic and can be seen throughout her work with Evernote, Cisco Meraki, Uber, Artis Ventures, and Yelp. Their collective work has received countless accolades from International Interior Design Association, FX Awards, Contract Magazine, Bloomberg, Wired, and Fast Company.